How to stay healthy in 2012

February's now upon us which means that 2012 is in full swing now, so it's time to start thinking about how you can stay healthy this year.

It makes sense to try to use a mixture of exercise, healthy eating and perhaps even herbal supplements to help you on your way.

Perhaps you might want to sign up to some yoga classes or tai chi in your spare time – both of these will really help you get in shape, at the same time as being fairly spiritual and being designed to help your mind too.

There are healing benefits associated with these types of exercise too, so you should really feel or notice improvements in your health, thanks to these.

Unsurprisingly, the diet you choose has a significant bearing on your health and wellbeing too. For example, potassium-rich foods, including bananas, are known to have a positive effect on happiness levels.

You want to make sure you have a good balance of different food types to ensure you look and feel healthy. Making some small changes to your diet could be wise as well – perhaps ditch the white bread in favour of Best of both, if you're concerned about your fibre intake, for example.

Thinking about these little things can really have a big impact on your health.

When it comes to dietary supplements, there are plenty of things you can take to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. This is especially useful if there's one area of your diet that's perhaps lacking at the moment – for example, vegans will find it hard to get enough calcium – and that's when herbal supplements can really help out.

It's really easy to get fit and healthy, so make that your mission this February!


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