Home Remedies: 8 Herbal Medicines for High blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the challenges that face aging populations all over the world. If you suffer from this health problem and is over 50, getting the appropriate medicinal remedies should be your primary goal. Moving forward, you may start to wonder which medicinal sources will relieve you your problematic health symptoms.

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It won’t be surprising to hear you’re considering herbal health supplements to provide support to your ailing health. Though, not popularly used within the mainstream fact oriented society, they are now starting to gain followers, slowly but surely.

Pizza: A Herbal Profile

Pizza is a favourite food around the world, but it’s seldom looked upon as a health food. However – if you can look past the fats and carbohydrates – pizza incorporates a variety of natural, even medicinal herbs.

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Let’s take a look at some of them below:


Oregano features prominently in a lot of Mediterranean cuisine. It has an unmistakable fragrance, and it’s one of the key ingredients in any pizza sauce. It’s lightly sweet, a little bit spicy and has just a hint of bitterness behind it. This is an easy herb to grow at home, as it’s compatible with most European and North American climate zones. Here’s a home-growing guide for Oregano to get you started.

The Folklore Of The Superfood Acai Berry

Acai is a Brazilian berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon and has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit. Acai (pronounced as a-sigh-ee) is a palm tree that grows in the North of Brazil. It is known by the native people as "içá-çai", which means “fruit that cries”. For hundreds of years, acai (açaí) has been a conventional food of the native people of the Amazon – and part of its folklore, finding its way into legend as well as onto the table. 

Acai Berry
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Once upon a time, there was an Amazon Indian girl named Iaca, whose father was the tribal chief. The tribe had grown so numerous that there wasn’t food enough for everybody. In desperation, the Chief Itaki decreed that all newborn babies be killed to drastically limit the population. Shortly after the announcement, the chief’s own daughter discovered that she was pregnant. Her name was Iaca. Iaca was Chief Itaki’s only daughter, and a true princess of the Amazon. She was very beautiful with dark piercing eyes. The day came when Iaca finally bore her child. She wanted to spare her baby’s life but sadly, she couldn’t protect her from the cruel and harsh decree. The chief’s only granddaughter was sacrificed. Iaca was inconsolable and mourned her baby’s death inside her hut for days.

Should Weed Be Legalized? Find out the Pros and Cons

An issue that has divided a nation, the legalization of marijuana has few people that have a neutral opinion about it. Thus far, more than 20,000 studies have been published on the scientific nature and active compounds in it. This makes it one of the most studied plants on earth.

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Pros of Legalizing Marijuana

Besides being a recreational drug, cannabis has found countless commercial uses. More than 25,000 products can be made from this crop. Common uses may include:

Why you should use Sunblock to protect your skin

Sunblock or sunscreens are essential when you are looking to have fun in summer. We all crave the warm sunshine on our skin. But overexposure can bring on wrinkles and sizzling sunburns that can lead to skin cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Institute estimates that 40 to 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have skin cancer at least once, and overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the primary cause. Fortunately, taking a few precautions before you head outdoors can reduce your risk. And it’s never too early or too late to start. There are typically 3 options to keep you covered and they consist of diet, lifestyle elements and supplements.

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A diet that neutralizes free radicals formed by UV exposure can help counteract the sun’s damaging effects. While most fruits and veggies offer some antioxidant protection, when it comes to sun protection, pomegranate is a real superstar.