Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Hickey

Yes – lovers always love with a passion by kissing each other. When love gets speedy then kissing is the most common action through which couples express their love for one another.

What’s a hickey?
Hickey is usually a dark purple or dark red-hued bruise. It occurs in the effect of sucking or kissing the skin too hard, and it is also known as love bites. When lovers are sucking or kissing the skin too hard, then this action of love breaks down the blood capillaries and pools blood, and as a result, you will get dark red-hued bruise which is known as hickey or love bites.

Many people say that the hickey is a sign of love and also it is the signature of ownership. But many people dislike having ones. No doubt hickeys are not dangerous or painful, but it can be very embarrassing if somebody sees it or if it is visible to someone or in public.

How Long Do Hickeys Last?
As mentioned above that it is not dangerous or even not hurtful. It can disappear itself within a week or two. You can also follow the natural remedies which help to disappear it immediately.

How to Hide a Hickey?

Here are few ways to hiding the hickey:

-  You can hide your hickey or love bite with the help of right shirt (turtleneck sweater or long sleeved shirt)
-  You can hide hickey with the help of with the right accessory like a scarf
-  You can hide hickey with the help of makeup material. You need some makeup material like green corrector, purple corrector, concealer, make-up brush, and foundation

Well – from above you come to know that what’s a hickey and even you unfold both questions of how long do hickeys last and how to hide a hickey. This article is specifically designed to convey the knowledge about hickeys in such a way how to remove a hickey. Yes – you can get rid of hickey with the help of natural remedies. If you are also looking for how to get rid of a hickey, then you are at right place. Get ready to know about how to make a hickey go away with simple and natural remedies.

How to Make a Hickey Go Away – Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Hickey:
Now, unfold the question how to get rid of a hickey with the help of these effective and natural remedies:

Banana Peel:
It is the best-proven remedy as banana peels are highly rich in potassium and tryptophan. It also contains high fibre when compared to their flesh. It helps in healing your love bites. You can follow this simple remedy to get rid of hickey within no time.

The Things You Need:
-  Ripe Banana
-  Bandage

How to Use Banana Peel:
-  Take the peel and start cutting it into the small pieces or according to the size of your hickey
-  Put this peel directly to the hickey and wrap it with the help of bandage maximum for about 10 to 15 minutes
-  Then take off the banana peeps from the affected area and wipe it gently
-  To get the instant and effective result, you ought to repeat the same process twice or thrice a day

Lipstick or Pen Cap:
Maybe you don’t hear before about this remedy. You can massage the affected area with the help of lipstick or pen cap. It encourages blood flow and also helps to relieve pain. In short, this remedy breaks the blood clots and increase blood circulation of the affected area.

The Things You Need:
-  Lipstick Cap or Pen Cap

How to Use Banana Peel:
-  Take the cap and put it directly on the top of the affected area. You can press this cap against the affected skin and at the same time twist the cap.
-  You can turn the cap full or half
-  You ought to hold this position maximum for 15 to 20 minutes and then gently release the cap.
-  To get an effective and immediate result, you should repeat this process several times a day

It is the ever best technique which helps to get rid of the love bite. You can massage the hickey area with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Though it can be a bit painful, when you are massaging the affected area it increases blood flow and also breaks up the coagulum. It is the ever best-proven remedy.

The Things You Need:
Soft Bristled Toothbrush

How to Use Banana Peel:
-  Gently rub the affected area with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush maximum for 2 to 3 minutes. -  While doing so, this process helps in push the blood away from the centre of the hickey
-  Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then directly apply a cold compress to the affected area maximum for 10 minutes

Hope so; now, you will come to know how to remove a hickey with the help of above natural remedies.

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