Get your kitchen in shape this spring

Spring's really creeping up on us now. Gone are the days of the cold wintry nights and slowly, but surely, the sun is starting to make a more regular appearance up and down the country.

The spring is a great time for you to start afresh if you need to, since the new flowers are out and new life is springing up everywhere!

This is why there's no better time of the year for you to do a good clean up around your home and get your kitchen looking exactly how you want it.

While it may start off feeling like an extremely tedious task, you'll definitely feel rewarded when it's all complete and looking good as new again.

But where do you start? It's always good to start in the cupboards – if you start tidying the worktops too soon, there won't be anywhere for your bread bin and kettle to live!

So get sorting and be brutal. There's nothing worse than hoarding things you didn't even remember you had tucked away – it clearly isn't serving you any purpose right now!

Take out all the out-of-date tins and cans and throw away any saucepans that look past their best. Trust me, it'll feel hugely therapeutic and you might even enjoy clearing up then.

Once you've done that, it's time to get started on the things clogging up your work surfaces. Put the Best of Both loaf in the bread bin at this stage, there really is no point in it cluttering the worktop and get sorting once again. If you don't use your sandwich toaster every couple of days, there really is no need for it to be out on the side. Use that approach with everything and soon enough you'll have a tidy kitchen!

Then, all that's left will be the washing up...there's no avoiding it, you know!


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