Stay healthy during pregnancy!

So your gynecologist have confirmed that you are pregnant, many congratulations to you as it is the best and the most beautiful moment of your life. Being pregnant is a fantastic journey of nine months, which develops a lady into a mother. These nine months are the most challenging and at the same time most exciting months of your life. With pregnancy there are several changes with your body, your tummy grows, bumps expand and many more. You have to be extra careful during this time with your health as now you would be eating for two and eating for two is quiet hard.

Healthy diet is the only factor, which keeps a mum and her baby happy and healthy. Here we will discuss and mention about the foods that is required for a mother to avoid at this time.

Foods to be avoided during pregnancy, as follows-
  • Avoid alcohol- Alcohol is the foremost of pregnancy diet restriction as it causes major health problems. Various health problems include low body weight, learning disabilities, visual problems, deformity of organs and lot more.
  • Avoid caffeine consumption- Doctors advice pregnant ladies to avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks. As it puts a pregnant woman under the risk of premature birth and miscarriage. Therefore, it is required to miss your regular cup of tea and coffee for the sake of your baby’s health.
  • Avoid fish- Fish that have high levels of mercury like tilefish, Swordfish, King Mackerel etc should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. As mercury consumption leads to delay in the brain formation of the baby.
  • Avoid raw eggs- Raw eggs contain bacteria called Salmonella that diseases and food poisoning. Pregnant ladies are required to avoid few dishes, such as caeser salad, cookie batter and eggnog because it contains raw eggs.
  • Avoid cheese- Doctors advice pregnant mums to avoid cheese as many varieties of soft cheese contain harmful bacteria Listeria. This bacterium is found in smoked seafood, which can infect the baby and also lead to blood poisoning.
  • Avoid unpasteurized milk- Doctors advice pregnant ladies to avoid unpasteurized milk as it contains bacteria known as Listeria. This bacterium causes many problems to the baby and to the mother, such as infection, food poisoning and miscarriage.
  • Vegetables must be washed properly before eating because vegetables can be exposed to toxoplasmosis, it is a parasitic disease caused from plants.
Therefore, take care of yourself and of your baby by avoiding these diet issues, which can harm you and your baby’s health. It is also advisable to do stem cell preservation in public or private blood banks as stem cells can help in curing different diseases in future.


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