Herbal Foods to Use to Overcome a Tobacco Addiction

Overcoming any sort of addiction is a tremendous challenge, and smoking or tobacco use cessation is no exception. Although there are a great many methods to assist in overcoming tobacco addiction, many people addicted to tobacco products still report that it is incredibly hard to stop.

Herbal remedies can assist with tobacco product cessation by helping to regulate and improve brain chemistry and neurotransmitter production. Herbs can be administered via teas, tinctures, herbs, or via a vape kit. Here are some of the best herbal foods and tonics to overcome a tobacco addiction.

Tobacco use cessation can sometimes be accompanied by nausea and digestive problems, in addition to feelings of low energy or tiredness. Ginger assists with digestive tract issues and nausea in particular, offers up an immune system boost - of particular importance since tobacco product use tends to depress immune system response - and can help boost energy throughout the day. Try drinking two to three cups of well steeped ginger tea each day. Ginger can also help regulate nervous system function, assisting with the anxiety that comes with quitting tobacco use - and it can boost mood and concentration.

Ginseng is an immensely useful herb for combating tension and lowering stress response. An especially handy quality of ginseng is that it also helps combat cravings by blocking the excessive dopamine production in the brain that nicotine causes and helping the brain to return to normal neurotransmission. Try adding ginseng powder to your morning meal, or taking a capsule with your breakfast first thing in the morning.

Green Tea
Green tea helps to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities and can help to combat cravings throughout the day. Green tea can also assist in combating tension, much like ginseng and ginger. Try a cup or two of green tea each day, and sweeten with honey or agave nectar if desired - they are longer releasing sugars and can help prevent crashes. If you want to try ginger as well as green tea to help ease tension and assuage nicotine cravings, try a combination ginger green tea several times a day, whether you use a pre-made combination or add ginger powder to a cup of brewed loose leaf green tea.

Drinking lobelia tea can be beneficial in the early phases of overcoming tobacco addiction as it has a similar effect on the brain as nicotine, though much more mild. While lobelia can be extraordinarily helpful in overcoming addiction to tobacco use, it should be used in limited quantity, as it can cause nausea and discomfort, and typically should be taken in tandem with a nausea-combating herb, like ginger.

Passionflower tea is a powerful herbal agent for relieving tension, boosting alertness, and relieving the symptoms of withdrawal. Passionflower also assists in cleansing the liver and kidneys, which the use of tobacco products can severely damage. Passionflower may also help to quell tobacco cravings. Try drinking a cup of passionflower tea in the afternoon if you're feeling cravings, tension, or need a boost to concentration.

Certainly other measures to assist in overcoming a tobacco addiction should be taken, such as consulting with your doctor, increasing your level of exercise and utilizing other stress management tools. Herbal foods, tonics, tinctures, teas, and vape formulas, when added to other methods of overcoming this type of addiction, may help to provide an extra edge and additional coping mechanisms to help kick the habit for good. While you should always consult your physician before utilizing any sort of herbal remedy, adding herbs to your addiction recovery regiment can be a healthy and effective way to overcome a tobacco addiction.


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