Healing with Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine has been used to treat many physical and psychological conditions for thousands of years. However, our understanding of herbal medicine in Western society is very limited. We understand that the compounds in plants, fruits, and spices help the body combat disease as well as help the body maintain optimal functioning of the body’s systems, such as the digestive, immune, and nervous system. Garlic, for instance, is a well-known antibiotic that helps the body fight disease and lower blood pressure. Ginger keeps the nervous system strong and turmeric fights inflammation. St. John’s Wort is a well-known treatment for depression.

Herbal Medicine

Overall, though, Westerners are far removed from understanding the deeper healing properties of plants. Indigenous cultures, and shamans in particular, have a very deep understanding of how plants heal humans. Shamanism is a spiritual practice for connecting with the spirit world. There is a thin veil between the world humans inhabit and the spirit world. Shamans connect with the Mother Earth and plant spirits, serving as a conduit for the plant spirits to heal the energetic structure of human beings. For a number of decades, Westerners have been making pilgrimages to the Amazon to reconnect with their spirits and heal from dis-ease, emotional concerns, and psychological issues.

Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamanism
One pioneering healing center in the Peruvian Amazon called the Temple of the Way of Light has offered ayahuasca healing retreats since 2007. Ayahuasa is made from two Amazonian plants and opens a healer’s vision and connection to the spirit world. The ayahuasca plant medicine works in combination with other plant spirits to guide shamans in diagnosing and healing people.

Today, with the expert guidance and support of experienced shaman healers, people drink the ayahuasca during ceremonies. The person being healed moves into a relationship with the healer, plants spirits, and ayahuasca. During this process, she or he uses intuition and her/his inner guidance to uncover energetic blocks and release negative emotions from the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Shamans understands that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As humans, our light energy gets blocked by negative emotions. Negative emotions get stuck in our bodies and subconscious mind through conditioning from society, negative family patterns, and trauma. Families may pass down certain negative energy patterns such as fear and anger for generations. Without deep subconscious cleansing, self-reflection and renewed connection to the spirit within, the negative patterns, emotional crises, and psychological concerns would continue.

Shipibo Culture
Shamanism has been in practice for thousands of years. The shamans and Amazon medicine healers facilitating the healing ceremonies at Temple of the Way of Light are some of the most experienced ayahuasca healers in the Amazon. Temple of the Way of Light ensures that the shamans work with the best intentions. They are known as Shipibo healers and are from the Upper Amazon in Peru. For thousands of years they have preserved their language, art and Amazon medicine practices. For the benefit of healing Westerners, preserving their spiritual traditions, and preserving the land, they offer shamanic healing and ayahuasca retreat Peru. Learning how to respect and appreciate Mother Earth and the plant spirits is a major component of the retreat. This opening of the mind and heart to nature is healing in and of itself.

Shipibo Energy Healing
Have you ever spent a few hours in nature and felt refreshed and renewed? Plants and trees help us feel grounded in our bodies and connect us with the creative energy of life within us. “Plants and trees have a direct line to the source energy,” as the Temple of the Way of Life website explains, “and it is this energy that causes healing to take place.” The soul energy of humans gets blocked by subconscious thoughts and emotions. Since plants’ line to the source of creative energy is not blocked, we can use their guidance to live a life in accordance with our true nature. Shipibo people live with plant-spirit awareness and connection as a way of life.

Westerners usually only think about cleansing the subconscious mind during times of psychological crisis. However, our minds constantly think thoughts which enter the subconscious and conscious mind. Therefore, daily mental baths are needed. By living a life of daily healing through deep connection with Mother Nature and the plant-spirits, Shipibo people keep their energy fields clear and stay connected to their spirits.

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru
Temple of the Way of Light offers healing retreats for varying lengths of time. You could attend a nine, 12 or 13 day retreat. Longer retreats last for three weeks and one month. Throughout the retreat, the healers offer lots of compassionate support. They cultivate a space of deep self-reflection, so people can process their experiences, let go of negative energy and develop greater self-awareness. The Shipibo healers help you walk in the light of your spirit using plant-spirits as healing guides.


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