Herbal Foods to Have When Trying to Quit Smoking

As much as giving up an addictive habit such as cigarette smoking is usually quite difficult, several effective ways to stop smoking exist today. Most importantly, you can actually find some of the best remedies for this addictive habit in your home. As such, you no longer have to acquire the relatively expensive patches or medicines to try and counter the craving of nicotine. To help you conquer the addiction, you can always use common and readily available organic foods.


Kicking an addiction such as cigarette smoking involves a number of factors. In addition to quickly eliminating nicotine from your system, you will also have to get rid of the associated nausea while trying to combat the cravings successfully. As such, the properties of whatever you consume should be ideal for dealing with every issue related to quitting. Listed below are herbal foods to have when trying to quit smoking.

As a toxin, nicotine permeates your body, which is partly why this compound is so addictive and hard to get rid of. Kicking it out of your system once it gets in is extremely hard. Fortunately, water is a natural detoxifier, which means it can purge your system better compared to just about anything else. Additionally, your body needs a lot of water to counteract the adverse effects of tobacco and nicotine. Although your body is capable of detoxifying and healing itself after you abandon your smoking habits, water provides an extra boost, speeding up the process and helping you to fight your addiction much faster. Apart from drinking water, using alternatives such as e-liquids and e-vaporizers can be very helpful. It can help put the smoker more at ease as a tobacco harm reduction product during the process of quitting smoking

Grape Juice
Getting toxins out of your system is the most significant part of overcoming both your addiction and the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting. Nicotine is one such toxin, effective elimination of which significantly minimizes the possibility that you will experience any craving or withdrawal symptom. Although increasing your intake of water is an excellent way to detoxify, drinking grape juice on a daily basis allows you to fight even harder. Grape juice contains acids that act as natural detoxifiers, providing a much faster cleansing of toxins compared to water. Grape juice also helps to rejuvenate your system.

You will most likely feel like you need some assistance while fighting the toxins in your body. In addition to providing the necessary energy your body needs to expel toxins, vitamins A, C, and E are all essential nutrients for the regeneration of human body tissue. Ingesting vitamins ensures the effective repair of your body. Multivitamins products are excellent alternative sources of these essential nutrients, especially since most contain vitamins. Because vitamins reenergize your entire system and provide the strength to fight back, taking herbs rich in this nutrient is helpful when it comes to easing withdrawal symptoms and being able to handle the cravings.


Using ginseng is particularly beneficial when it comes to specifically combating the cravings associated with addictions such as cigarette smoking. Using at least one spoonful of ginseng powder on a daily basis by adding it to soup, juice, cereal, or oatmeal provides the best results. Taking ginseng in the morning is best seeing as in this way it helps you to fight off your cravings for the entire day. However, if you find that one spoonful is not sufficient, you can always increase the dosage.

While trying to quit cigarettes, you will most likely feel nauseous for some time, particularly during the very first weeks. It should not get you worried, though, especially since nausea is arguably the most common symptom experienced by people trying to quit. By calming your stomach, taking ginger in the form of capsules, tablets, or as a tea helps you to combat nausea. Additionally, the ingestion of ginger might keep you from the temptation to relapse.


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