Best Ways to Detox During Pregnancy

Whether you have already confirmed you're pregnant or are expecting to be soon, you likely want to do everything you can to best ensure your child has a great start in life. Expanding your family exciting, but there's sure to be stress encountered during the course of the nine month term. That's why it's more important now than ever to ensure you're in the best health, and there are a few methods you can employ into your daily regime to detox during pregnancy.

Water Intake
Since our bodies are made of cells, we require adequate hydration to ensure they are able to work properly. While we are often told to aim for eight ounces per day, according to the The Institute of Medicine, pregnant women should instead drink 12 to 13 eight ounce glasses per day. They advise you listen to your body. If you feel thirsty even though you feel you've drank plenty, you are beginning to dehydrate and should fill up your water bottle. This helps you flush out toxins that could cause harm to you and baby.

Keep It Clean
Most have heard the adage, "you are what you eat." While we often don't think much of it, it's more true than many give it credit for. What you choose to put in your body ultimately becomes a part of your physical makeup. Unfortunately, fast food restaurants and other sources of convenience foods lurk around every corner. You aren't even safe at the grocery store if you're easily seduced by processed foods that look simple to put together.

During pregnancy, your body is working overtime producing new life, and it's crucial that you take in foods that will be of benefit in providing important nutrients you both need. A great way to achieve this is to try to shop on the outside perimeter of the grocery store. Fresh products from the basic food groups are located in these areas so they can be easily restocked. For example, fresh meats, dairy, and vegetables are typically located near a wall of the store. Try to avoid purchasing items found in the aisles as much as possible.

Another great way to achieve proper nutrition on a schedule is to plan ahead. When you go to the store without one, you can find yourself running to and fro trying to remember everything you need. This also puts you at risk of making impulse purchases as you'll likely be exposed to more items you really don't need. Find healthful meals for the week, create a list, and stick to it. A few other ideas to incorporate while shopping include:

  • -  Bring along a trusted friend to help keep you on track.
  • -  Never shop while hungry.
  • -  Bring along a bottle of water to sip on if you feel the urge to buy something you don't need. Not only does it occupy your hands, but it also fills you up so you don't feel hungry and thus more likely to splurge.

Herbs have long been used as a natural cleanser, and incorporating them into your diet is simple. All you have to do is step in the kitchen. Some that are highly effective include:
  • -  Ginger root
  • -  Cayenne
  • -  Garlic
  • -  Parsley

Best Start in Life
During the course of your pregnancy, it's highly important to ensure you do everything possible to detox and keep your body healthy as you are your growing baby's lifeline. By incorporating these tips, you can ensure you're taking the necessary steps. Furthermore, if you're considering newborn adoption, it's a good idea to inquire as to whether the birth mother will be employing these tips and others such as oriental rug cleaning to ensure a safe environment for both mother and baby.


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