7 Herbal Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Herbs can heal in many ways, and some can improve your eyesight too. Herbs rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals can boost the immune system, improve circulation and more, and studies show that the same ingredients that support overall health can have a powerful effect on eye health too.

Eyes Healthy

Herbs and other kinds of plant extracts can soothe eye strain, improve night vision, promote healthy blood flow and reduce the risk of cataracts and other common eye diseases. Available as teas, extracts or capsules, these remedies may help people of all ages preserve sight and repair damage done by the sun, smoking and diseases such as diabetes. Here are seven easily available herbs that can help to keep eyes healthy.

As its name implies, eyebright helps keep eyes at their best. It’s an old folk remedy with scientific support that can help to heal conjunctivitis, a disorder that leaves eyes red and inflamed. Eyebright may also help regulate blood sugar, which can reduce the adverse effects of diabetes on the eyes. Eyebright is typically available as a tincture or powder and can be taken by mouth or used directly in the eye to combat redness, though medical experts caution that in-eye application can lead to infections.

Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba is a staple of herbal healing for a variety of disorders and conditions. It supports circulation and encourages blood flow throughout the body. For the eyes, gingko has similar benefits. It encourages blood flow to the retina and is rich in antioxidants that protect the eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Gingko is available in capsules or as an extract and may also be an ingredient in herbal tea.

Green Tea
The antioxidant content of green tea is well known. Less processed than black tea, green tea retains more of the tea plant’s healthy phytochemicals, plant compounds that support the immune system and keep the heart and body healthy. Those benefits of green tea also support healthy eyes by reducing oxidative stress to the eyes and supporting healthy eye tissues.

Bilberry is often taken as part of eye health supplements that include several ingredients for healthy vision. This relative of the strawberry and blackberry plants can slow the development of some kinds of macular degeneration and keeping tissues healthy. Bilberry can also improve night vision and promote overall healthy tissues in the eye. Bilberry can be taken as a capsule or extract, and is often combined with other eye support nutrients such as lutein.

Black Currant
Like bilberry, black currant has a protective effect on the eye, and for the same reasons. Black currant encourages circulation, which keeps blood flowing to the eye for healthier tissues. When taken in capsule or extract from, black currant can also help eyes adapt quickly to darkness.

Saffron is an herb most often thought of as a cooking and seasoning ingredient. But like other herbs for eye health, it keeps blood flowing to the eyes and delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants to protect the eyes from free radical damage and the harmful effects of UV radiation, especially for those living in very sunny areas.

Fennel is another cooking herb that can also keep eyes healthy. It can also relieve eyestrain by relaxing the muscles around the eye. It can also prevent irritation from allergies caused by pollen dust and household chemicals such as aerosol air fresheners and carpet cleaners that you may need tyvek suits for, as well as sinus problems, and can also prevent oxidative damage to the retina and cornea. Fennel is also available in capsules or extracts forms and can help eye tissues stay healthy.

Herbs that help the body also help keep eyes healthy with powerful doses of antioxidants and other phytochemicals, herbal preparations to heal they eyes are as close as the kitchen cupboard.


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