The Healing Benefits of Herbs

Since the ancient times, herbs have been used not only as spices for cooking but for their many health benefits as well. They were not only used to treat a number of illnesses but also to promote healing and to increase one’s energy.


However, for people who are not aware about the different kinds of herbs, you must check with your physician first to make sure that there will be no side effects when they are taken. There are so many herbs that you can use to treat illnesses such as the golden seal to fight off infections and hawthorn to control high blood pressure.

You can also use take mood-enhancing herbs like the St John’s wort and passion flower to give you a general feeling of well-being and alleviate anxiety. Other herbs are known for their antioxidant properties such as oregano and turmeric, which have anti-carcinogenic properties. You can also use these herb foods to assist in your weight loss, or take ginseng as supplements to boost your endurance and improve your performance in sports activities.


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