Looking after Yourself and Keeping it Green

There is nothing quite like a pampering session to make you feel good about yourself. A simple pleasure like a long soak in the bath or a full on spa day experience – whichever you go for your body and mind will certainly feel the benefit. Looking after our health and well being is a priority in a busy, hectic world and creating the space in our lives for relaxation is really important. When was the last time you spent some time on yourself? If you can’t remember then it is time you set some time aside very soon!

If your normal idea of heaven is slathering yourself in luxury creams and spending a fortune on products and hot water then perhaps next time you might want to tone it down a bit and come over all environmentally friendly. Check out consumer ideas websites like Super Savvy Me for opinions on spa-style products, and think about home remedies with natural ingredients. Ask your Granny what she used to do as a girl – you will be amazed what eggs and vinegar can do for your hair, and honey for your dry skin! And to make it more fun, get the girls round and have a pamper evening together.

If you don’t trust yourself to mix it up in the kitchen then maybe go back to tried and trusted household brand favourites like Olay instead of your usual high-end treats and see if you can tell the difference. You could even play a blind consumer testing game with your friends! The results may just amaze you. Natural ingredients which are environmentally friendly and ethically sound are often kinder to the skin too so take it back to nature and enjoy your next super indulgent me, me, me time with a totally clear conscience.


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