Updating Your Bedroom for Spring

The New Year ushers in new ideas, new plans, new resolutions, and sometimes even the urge to update your bedroom. When your comforter, shams, and sheets just don't seem as comfortable or as attractive, Kohl's has exactly what you need to make the switch. New blankets, duvets, and more, await you. And now's the perfect time to plan a spring update. The writers at herbal-healthcare.blogspot.com say it's time to check out Kohl's for a spring transformation.


Mattress Toppers or a Mattress Pad?

Maybe your update will require one of these two improvements. But, what's the difference, if you've never thought about it before? Well, a pad is generally thinner than a topper and adds a bit more support or softness, depending on your needs. It can also improve an old mattress that you're not quite ready to replace yet. A topper, on the other hand, is a thicker, often higher quality version of a mattress pad. Like a pad, it is for those whose mattresses are uncomfortable. Yet a topper is typically more expensive, longer lasting, and more substantial. They're often made of memory foam, gel memory foam, cotton, or fiberfill. The choice between the two is a personal one and depends on what you hope your mattress to be.

Ready, Set, Color

The dark colors and heavy flannels of fall and winter must go. Store the heavy blankets. You're ready for a bright, cheerful comforter set and fresh, airy sheets that usher in brighter weather and moods. Kohl's has eye-catching color sets that will pop to make your bedroom the happiest room in the house. You'll appreciate the upbeat mood.

Spring Cleaning

There's a reason people talk about cleaning in the spring. The doldrums and dust of winter need to go! Before your room update, be sure to give the bedroom a deep cleaning. Carpets need a good vacuuming, furniture needs dusting. Kohl's has vacuum cleaners and other appliances that will help you tackle any dirt, any time.

Fabric Care

Once you've made your purchases, be sure to learn how to best care for them. Washing sheets, blankets, and comforters according to their instructions will lengthen their vibrancy and lifespans. Hypoallergenic bedding, too, should you need it, needs special care, as do decorative pillows and pillow shams. Check to see if something is dry clean only before you purchase it, then commit to taking care of the fabric accordingly.

Pillows and Sheets

Find a well-fitted pillow for your body's comfort. Kohl's offers a huge variety. Find the right sheet for the right season, too, with the confidence that Kohl's has it and other products on sale. Sateen is popular and soft and it comes in a variety of styles and colors. Egyptian cotton is another good choice, and it softens with time. Consider the breathability of each weave and material as well. Clearly, lighter sheets are more appropriate for spring.

Regardless of your bedding choices, Kohl's has you covered -- literally, with the right blanket or duvet that you'll love for spring. You'll sleep longer and sounder while saving money, time and hassle. Your room will also look fantastic.


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