How to Rev Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

You might count your calories with precision, but it seems like your weight never changes. Everyone burns fat at different rates because each person has a unique metabolism. This process involves the conversion of food into energy or fat reserves. As you age, your metabolism isn't as strong as it used to be so gaining weight is a normal response. Take control of your metabolism by trying these tips and tricks. Burning fat between workouts is a clever goal to achieve.

Spicy-Food Selections
Hot sauces, jalapenos and other spicy selections are enticing to the palate and metabolic rate. Try to add in some spicy foods to your daily diet. By heating up your plate, the body reacts by trying to cool off. You'll sweat and feel the heart rate rise. Although this strategy is a short-lived solution, your metabolism will burn effectively during your spicy meal. It even lasts a little bit longer after the meal too. Making spicy food a regular occurrence is the best way to benefit from its metabolism-boosting properties.

Ice-Cold Water
Drinking water should always be a daily occurrence, but adding in the ice factor makes it a metabolism booster. As you consume the cold water, the body tries to warm it up to match the internal temperatures. Your body produces hormones, utilizes enzymes and slightly shivers in order to warm up the water. All of this effort translates into a faster metabolism. The fact that you're hydrating yourself also improves the metabolic rate. Being dehydrated actually reduces your fat-burning power.

Supplemental Choices
Capsules and powdered drinks geared toward weight loss are also helpful tools for metabolism changes. These supplements often have a mixture of different substances that come from herbal or natural resources. From green tea to protein, these substances contribute to a faster metabolism in time.

Ideally, take supplements with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. You'll notice an improvement in your physique almost immediately. Most supplements are safe for any adult so pick your formula as it pertains to your situation.

Pumping Iron 
It's not necessary to lift 100-pound weights to reap the benefits of a strength-training session. Adding to your muscle volume in any capacity will rev up your metabolism. Try lightweight dumbbells that give you some lean muscle. As your body uses the muscles, it responds by repairing and regenerating new tissue. With more muscle, your body naturally burns extra fat to support the motions. Adding muscle to your body will only improve its functions as you age into the golden years.

Sleep it Off 
Getting enough sleep each night will contribute to a higher metabolic rate. As you rest, the body has a chance to heal itself and balance out your hormones. Without enough sleep, stress hormones release into the tissues. You'll actually store more fat than normal as the metabolism slows. Try to sleep about seven to eight hours each night so that your body can function like a well-oiled machine.

Whether you buy metabolism boosters or drink green tea each day, every contribution to a healthy metabolic rate will make a difference. Get active and watch your food intake so that your body can burn fat as efficiently as possible. Being healthy well into your senior years is possible with the right attitude.


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