Condo Gardening: Your Guide To Making One-pot Indoor Herb Garden

Gardening within the living spaces of your condo is both productive and rewarding. A garden inside your condo not only keeps you occupied for the day, it also add cheers to your life in the long run. A step by step procedure is integrated into the implementation of a one-pot indoor herb condo gardening in your home. Make sure you understand the guidelines covered in this procedure, to do gardening the right way, and nothing else.


Pot and Tray Your Plants

Get your own sizable pot that has a deep hole. Double check if a single tiny hole exists at the drainage’s bottom. Place a plastic or ceramic tray holder under your potted plant where water from the pot can seep through.

Before you buy a condo for sale, ensure that the unit has an available space where your potted plant can stand. This space should preferably be situated near the windows to provide the sunlight your plant needs for healthy growth. Most sizable condos have sufficient spaces where you can grow your indoor plants. These condos are ideal for families who also wish to make gardening a regular hobby during their free time.

Herbs that Add Purpose to Your Potted Plant

Your condo garden does not need to look plain and simple all the time. Grow food herbs in your potted plant to make it serve bigger purpose in your daily life. Plant food herbs that you can cook and have in in your meals, such as sage, sweet basil and caraway thyme. These herbs are easy to grow in your potted indoor garden, and they come in good use as nutritious food items, too, at the right time.

Trust herb crops to give your body the nourishment it needs to stay strong and in positive well-being all the time.

Soil and Water Complete Your Gardening Mission

Soil and water complete your gardening mission. Fill your pot with soil up to 3 inches to the top of your potted garden. Water the soil a little, but evenly. Start segregating your crops separately from each other, and get on with your gardening task. You’ll be amazed as time goes by fast while you become busy caring for your mini indoor garden.

Drain Water and Let the Sun Take Care of the Rest

Drain the water from your potted garden, and let the sun’s rays support its healthy growth. Before cooking the grown herb crops from the potted garden, cut off their leaves and stems.

Indulge in the pleasure of being able to grow an attractive looking potted indoor garden that grows food items you can easily include in your meals, right at your own condo.

If you’d like to keep your brain and senses active, do so by growing a one-pot indoor herb garden in your condo. Learning experiences are the best teachers you can have in this lifetime. Don’t hesitate to try to learn a different hobby that develops you into becoming a better person sooner, rather than later.

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