Six Useful Organic Ingredients in Skincare Products

The big marketing angle that organic cosmetics use is that they contain all-natural ingredients that are safer than the synthetic substances found in other brands. Seeing as these artificial compounds make up the bulk of our everyday makeup and lotions, how do these organic products still have the same effect? The answer is that they utilise completely natural ingredients in order to produce the same beautiful results for our skin. Here are some of the best so you know what to look out for when shopping in the future.


Aloe Vera Extract
Plenty of natural cosmetics now contain aloe vera gel, a clear, jelly-like substance found in the leaf. This compound can be easily extracted, even at home, and has the following medicinal qualities:
-  Heals skin conditions such as burns, sunburn, frostbite & cold sores
-  Speeds wound healing by increasing circulation and preventing cell death
-  Kills some bacteria or fungi which may be infecting the skin
When it comes to skincare, this is certainly a product that has a lot of health benefits. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that helps rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. By applying this each day, your skin will look fresh and irritation free from then on!

Argan Oil
Sourced from the argan tree that grows in South-western Morocco, argan oil is another favourite with organic cosmetic manufacturers. It was first used by locals to combat the excessive heat, refreshing their skin in a number of ways. The oil is extracted by hand, making it extremely valuable. If you find a high quality skincare product containing this natural compound, you can then expect to be fully hydrated after the application. Argan oil can be used on the face and body, and has even been known to help remove stretch marks from past pregnancies!

Rosehip Oil
Yet another all natural skincare product, rosehip oil is currently found in a great many cosmetics. Research has been done on this substance with results showing numerous health-related benefits. As well as assisting dehydrated skin, rosehip oil also helps eliminate scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. For this reason, the very best facial cleanser options will usually contain organic rosehip oil. This substance can also be used on the body too, resulting in a more youthful skin. Since it’s completely natural, you avoid all those harmful synthetic chemicals as well!

Evening Primrose Oil 
If you have seriously damaged skin, we recommend that you look for facial and body creams that contain evening primrose oil. This is extracted from the seed of the evening primrose plant and is known for its medicinal uses when treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. This is because the oil contains essential fatty acids that the skin needs to stay healthy and vibrant. Evening primrose oil also offers these substances in a form that’s readily absorbed by the skin, making it more effective than similar synthetic counterparts.

Papaya Enzymes
Some skincare products also look to tropical fruits for their healthy ingredients. One common substance is papaya extract which can be used for the following benefits:
-  Removing dead surface skin
-  Reducing any infection
-  Encouraging healing of skin cells
These advantages have been scientifically proven as well. This should convince you that creams containing papaya extract can keep your skin supple and spotless with ease. The next time you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for this ingredient on the side of your favourite cleansers and moisturisers.

Liquorice Extract  
Our last ingredient, liquorice extract, is found in a wide range of cosmetics thanks to its many benefits. Not only can it help lengthen the life of your skin cells but it has also been shown to combat inflammation and irritation. This means it can be used for skin conditions such as dermatitis or acne. It is also used in skin whitening products as it acts as a de-pigmentation agent. If you want whiter, clearer skin, this will be the natural ingredient to look out for!

This is just a short list of the many organic compounds used in today’s skincare products. If you’re interested in learning more, there is plenty of information about these amazing ingredients to be found right here on the web.

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