Wine Wedding Favors as Memorable Keepsakes

Wine has always symbolized celebration, camaraderie, and good feelings, so when you come to weddings, you will surely expect champagne to overflow. However, do you know that you can also use wine as your wedding favor?

Wine Wedding Favors

If you are a wine connoisseur, you can let it become a part of your wedding to serve as unique tokens of appreciation. You can have wine bottles, wine glasses wine stoppers and even coasters as your wedding souvenirs. These items can be designed to accent your wedding concept, or match the season. This can also be incorporated in any wedding theme, since it is customary to toast the newlyweds for health, peace and happiness by raising a glass in their honor.

You do not have to wed outdoors in the country or in a vineyard to use wine as your wedding favor. Adding wine or other cocktails can add elegance and can also work well in a fantasy or regal-inspired theme. Other ideas that you can use for your Wine wedding favors include individual-sized or custom-made wine bottles, grape vine seedlings, pocket wine guides, and champagne cookies, which your guests will surely enjoy as keepsakes and treats.


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