Beauty Tips For Staying Youthful

What is the secret to staying young looking and youthful? Well the simple answer is that there is no secret, but there are lots of things you can do to try and hold back the effects of ageing, from trying growth hormone supplements, to using simple, tried-and-tested beauty tricks and tips.

For staying young looking, consider simple and trusted beauty tips that don’t have to cost a lot. For shiny hair, wash regularly with a quality product such as Pantene. Hair often becomes dryer and more brittle as we age so condition well and allow to dry naturally when possible, to avoid the snapping and breaking that can often occur with brittle hair as we age.
One of the biggest areas to look after as we age is of course our skin. Wrinkles and dryness are an inevitable part of ageing, and the best way to limit the effects of ageing on our skin is to moisturise daily from an early age. It is never too late to start though! So invest in a rich moisturiser for night times. Even on cloudy, cool days, the sun can still damage our skin and is one of the main causes of premature ageing of the skin, so invest in a moisturiser with an SPF for the day time.

Getting older doesn’t mean getting less concerned about how we look, or not wanting to get glammed up and looking fabulous, so make sure you are armed with make up tips for more mature skin.
It can be tempting to use a heavy foundation to hide imperfections, but this is only likely to highlight dry skin and look overdone. Most people actually look younger without makeup, so subtlety is key. When it comes to blusher, opt for a creamy blush that can be applied with your fingers to the tops of your cheeks. This will give a more natural and dewy look than applying thick layers of powder blush.


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